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Bitcoin Can Now Be Used to Bet on Game of Thrones’ Finale



Bitcoin Adoption, a popular bitcoin faucet that lets users earn a handful of satoshis every hour, has recently launched a betting feature that lets them bet on a variety of events, including the finale of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones.

According to the faucet’s website, users can use their bitcoin to bet on who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne of Westeros by the end of the show’s eighth season, which is currently airing. The betting system uses a time-weighted multiplier, which encourages users to bet as soon as possible.

This, as the system rewards those who place bets earlier with a larger share of the total prize pool.

At press time, most users appear to be betting on Jon Snow, although there are various options. As who’s going to be sitting on the throne remains unclear, the betting platform allows users to bet on “unknown” in case one of the characters that isn’t listed comes out on top.

The bitcoin faucet explains:

In case there is no winner, or somebody other than the characters listed wins the Iron Throne, “Unknown” will win the bet. If more than one person shares the Iron Throne, the prize money will be divided equally between users betting on the winning outcomes.

At press time, over 1.55 BTC (around $8,200) have been waged on the outcome of Game of Thrones, with Jon Snow racking up 45% of the votes.

Despite the betting action on HBO’s hit show, allows users to bet on various other events, including the results of UEFA Champions League games, the results of the ICC Cricket World Cup, and the price of bitcoin by the end of the year.

The platform, which reportedly has over 18 million registered users, has the same time-weighted multiplier system working for each event. As recently covered, an Ethereum-based betting exchange has recently released its alpha version.

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