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How to Deactivate a WhatsApp Community

How to Deactivate a WhatsApp CommunityTo deactivate a WhatsApp community, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the community that you want to deactivate.
  • Tap on the group’s name at the top of the screen to open the group info page.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Dismiss as admin.”
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you want to dismiss yourself as an admin. Tap on “Dismiss” to confirm.
  • If you are the only admin in the group, you will be prompted to appoint a new admin or to disband the group.
  • If you choose to disband the group, all members will be removed and the group will be deleted.
  • If you choose to appoint a new admin, you will be able to select a new member to become an admin. Once you have selected a new admin, you will be removed from the group as an admin.

Note that if you are not an admin of the group, you will not be able to deactivate the group. In this case, you will need to ask an admin to remove you from the group.