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Exciting WhatsApp features arriving soon



WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has been testing features like consecutive voice messages, picture-in-picture mode and private reply that are expected to arrive this New Year

New features are arriving on WhatsApp.

While some of them are already available on WhatsApp Beta, others will make it soon to the chat app, probably hot on the heels of the New Year. WhatsApp has been testing features like consecutive voice messages, picture-in-picture mode and private reply that you will be able to use after updating the app from the Play Store.

Here are the all the features known to be in the testing stage. Not all features may come to the final build of the new WhatsApp update.


This feature is already available on most of the phones’ built-in video player what allows you to watch a video in a floating window, while you can access the Home Screen simultaneously.

On WhatsApp, if you receive a YouTube video link, you can play the video in a floating window while using WhatsApp simultaneously. Currently it fires the YouTube app in a separate window and you cannot watch the video while chatting. Infact right now, YouTube doesn’t allow any app to run alongside while a video is playing, unless you are using split screen multi-window on the phone.

The new feature will play YouTube videos in a pop-up window with WhatsApp open on the screen.

Media Preview

If your WhatsApp is updated right now, you can preview and reply to messages directly from the drop-down notifications panel. There is no need to open the app. But if you have received a photo, video or audio you do need to open the app and view it on the chat screen.

The new update will allow you to view photo, video or audio file directly from the notifications, like text messages. The feature may not be available across platforms.

Dark Mode

One of the favourite features for people who love to chat at night it the Dark Mode. It turns everything bright on the app to dark and text to bright in contrast, so you would not need to zero the brightness and use the app more
comfortably in dark.

QR Codes

QR Code is already available on WhatsApp to mirror the app on your computer browser and chat directly from the PC you are working on. But with the new feature you may use it to share your WhatsApp number as well with a new contact.

The code can be made invalid whenever you like to prevent misuse.

Consecutive Voice Messages

Like a list of voice messages playing back on a landline phone that arrived in your absence when you couldn’t take calls, new WhatsApp update will allow you to playback voice messages without break. It is not clear if the messages need to be from the same contact on in the same chat. If not, WhatsApp will probably collect all voice messages from all chats and play them, leaving on the user to recognize the sender.

Group Call Shortcut

With this option, you can pre-select all the people you want in your group video or audio call and then hit the call button. Right now, you need to place a video/audio call first and then add other participants.

The feature is offcourse available for group chats. That is, when you open a WhatsApp group, the call icon will have a plus sign beside it, allowing you to choose from one or more people of the group to keep in the call.

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