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How to file GST return online?



How to file GST return online?GST Return Filing Online: Once you’ve logged in to the site, you’ll need to upload your invoices before receiving an invoice reference number for each one.

After that, you must file your outgoing, incoming, and cumulative monthly returns online.

Online GST Return Filing: On July 1, 2017, the BJP-led administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) during a historic midnight session of Parliament. Even now, two years after its debut, there remains significant confusion around GST and its filing.

The authorities have introduced online channels for filing GST returns in order to make things simpler for citizens.

It is crucial to file GST returns under the GST regime because non-compliance and delay will lead to penalties and affect one’s compliance rating and timely refunds.

Here is how you can file your GST returns online:

GST returns can be filed online by visiting the GST portal–

GST compliant sales and purchase invoices are required to file returns.

The taxpayer will be issued a 15-digit GST identification number based on the state code and PAN number.

After logging in on the portal, invoices need to be uploaded, following which an invoice reference number will be issued against each invoice. After that, outward return, inward return, and cumulative monthly return have to be filed online.

The outward supply returns in GSTR-1 form through the information section at the GST Common Portal (GSTN) should be filed on or before 10th of the following month. Details of outward supplies furnished by the supplier will be made available in GSTR-2A to the recipient.

The portal gives an option to correct and refile the returns in case of errors.

The recipient has to verify, validate, and modify the details of outward supplies, and also file details of credit or debit notes. The details of inward supplies of taxable goods and services have to be furnished by the recipient in GSTR-2 form.

The supplier can either accept or reject the modifications of the details of inward supplies made by the recipient in GSTR-1A.

The details of inward and outward supplies can be uploaded on the GST portal on or before the due date.

It is to note that the preparation of data can be done offline and the internet is only needed for uploading the prepared file on the GST portal.

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