How to transfer your vehicle’s RC online

How to transfer your vehicle’s RC onlineAny person who owns a vehicle, regardless of the type of vehicle, should have a registration certificate (RC), which is an essential document. Every person who owns a vehicle receives an RC from the RTO. The RTO registers the vehicle in order to create and maintain a vehicle database of the vehicles running on the road.

The RC is an important document for an owner of a vehicle in a variety of circumstances, but some of the most crucial ones are when the owner sells the vehicle and the RC should also be transferred to the purchaser. In these situations, RC transfers to the sale of a vehicle within the state, the sale of a vehicle in a different state, and to another state in the case of shifting, within a state but under a different RTO jurisdiction; and so on.

Types of ownership transfer:

1. Transfer of ownership in the case of a normal sale

2. Transfer of ownership on the death of the owner of the vehicle.

3. Transfer of ownership of a vehicle purchased at a public auction

Documents required to transfer:

1. Form 29, Form 30, Form I, and Form II (in the case of a normal sale).

2. Form 31 (in the case of the owner’s death)

3. Form 32 (in the case of a sale at a public auction)

4. Original RC

5. Certificate of insurance

6. Certificate of pollution under control.

7. PAN card (of the buyer and seller) or Form 60

8. A print copy of the chassis and engine numbers for the vehicle.

9. Proof of the date of birth of the buyer

10. Address proof

11. Buyer’s undertaking

12. Passport size photograph

13. A tax clearance certificate

14. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is granted by the registering authority.

1.Visit the Vahan e-service portal (

How to transfer your vehicle’s RC online

2.Click on the “Vehicle Related Services” menu under the online services tab.

3.From the drop-down menu, select the state where the registration certificate has been asked for.

4.On the website, you must first log in or register.

5.Enter your vehicle’s registration number after logging in, then choose “State RTO” from the drop-down menu.

6. Click on the “Apply for transfer of ownership” option available under the Application selection tab.

7.Enter the registration number and chassis number of the vehicle.

8.Your vehicle’s information will be displayed on the page. Click on the transfer of ownership option available at the top left corner of the screen.

9.Enter all the information and pay the fee as requested (may vary from Rs 300 to Rs 500).

10.Confirm all the details and submit the form.

11.The buyer and the seller must both properly sign all required documents and submit them to the RTO.

The transfer of RC usually takes 3–4 weeks to complete if there is no discrepancy in these documents. RTO may summon both the buyer and the seller to provide documentation for verification in the event of a discrepancy.