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Here are 4 ways to know your PF balance



PF balance

Month after month, a portion of your salary goes towards the employee provident fund (EPF). While provident fund (PF) is meant for your retirement needs, which could be several years away from now, the need to know the PF balance may arise anytime.

Many employees wish to know their current PF balance when they are in the job while some of them are more interested to know when they shift their jobs. At times, one may need to know the balance so that PF withdrawals can be made for home purchase, medical needs, education etc.

No matter, what the purpose is, here are four ways to know the PF balance:

1. Using the EPFO portal

If you wish to know the PF balance with each month entries, here are the ways:

i) Access the EPFO website – ( )

Click on ‘Our Services’ and then on ‘For employees’.

Thereafter, under ‘Services’ click on ‘Member Passbook’

A new window opens ( )

ii) Else, you may directly click on ‘e-passbook’ on the EPFO homepage.

iii) Alternatively, to access passbook on the EPFO website, you may visit the following link directly

( )

However, before accessing, you need to ensure that you have registered on the Unified Member Portal. If not and you want to register now, then remember that the PF Passbook will be available after 6 Hours of registration at Unified Member Portal.

If registered, use your Universal Account Number (UAN) and password credentials to log on the EPFO website. If you more than one member ID linked to your same UAN, you will be shown all those Ids. Click on each one to see the PF balance or the statement which can be downloaded in pdf format.

However, the PF Passbook will not be available to those Member Ids which belong to exempted organisations i.e. Trust. To know the PF balance or get the PF statement of exempted organisation, one will have to contact the employer. Most such firms have this facility in their Intranet to provide PF details. By accessing EPFO website, you can do EPF balance check online.

2. PF balance SMS

For EPF balance check on mobile, you may use the SMS service provided by the EPFO. Your PF contribution and balance can be known from EPFO by sending an SMS at 7738299899 from registered mobile number. However, such a service is available only if your UAN is activated and you have linked Aadhaar, PAN and bank details to it. SMS should be sent from the registered mobile number of UAN. In response, EPFO will send last PF contribution and balance details of the member along with available KYC information.

As a member you have to SMS EPFOHO UAN to 7738299899. The facility is available in 10 languages — English (default), Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali. For receiving SMS in any of the languages other than English, first three characters of the preferred language needs to be added after UAN. For example, to receive SMS in Tamil, then SMS to be send will be EPFOHO UAN TAM to 7738299899.

Through SMS, you can do EPF balance check without UAN.

3. PF balance missed call

For EPF balance check on mobile, you may also use the Missed Call service provided by the EPFO. To know the PF balance, one has to give a missed call at 011-22901406 only from your registered mobile number. The call will get disconnected after two rings and the sms will be received by the sender showing the PF balance. This service is available free of cost and can be availed from non-smart phones also. However, make sure that your UAN is seeded to one of the KYC’s such as your bank account, Aadhaar number and PAN. Further, to avail this facility, the mobile number must be activated with UAN at the Unified Portal. Through Missed Call service, you can do EPF balance check without UAN.

4. PF balance on UMANG app

Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) App once downloaded on your mobile may be used to get EPFO information such as PF balance, claim status, Know Your Customer (KYC) status, etc. One may also raise claims, check claim status and can even know the address of EPFO offices.


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