5 Games You Can Play Without Unlocking Your Phone



Welcome to the world of Nostra, where convenience meets enjoyment. Nostra, the free-to-play gaming platform on the Glance smart lock screen, is home to over 82 million smartphone players in India. As the only gaming platform fully integrated into your smartphone’s lock screen, Nostra offers a variety of engaging experiences that cater to every gamer, regardless of age, gender, or interests. The numbers speak for themselves—players keep coming back for more.

According to the Nostra Gaming Trends Report 2023, everyone has a gamer inside them, and the perfect game can be delivered right to their lock screen.

The best part about gaming wallpapers is that you can play them anytime. Too busy to complete a CCS level? Just pull out your phone. Got only 30 seconds before class starts? Dive into a game on your lock screen.

Top 5 Playable Interactive Live Wallpapers

While the selection of gaming wallpapers isn’t as extensive as traditional interactive live wallpapers, there are some truly amazing options available. Here are the top five free playable interactive live wallpapers that you should check out:

1. Toy Story: The Room of Andy

With Disney’s Toy Story: Live Wallpaper, you can step into Andy’s bedroom from the Toy Story films. Interact with objects in the room and unlock characters like Buzz, Woody, and the Aliens by gathering points, which appear on the desk alarm. Hit the dartboard bullseye or catch falling Army Men to earn points. The graphics are stunning, and you can even watch the day change from sunrise to sunset through the window.

2. Blox Live Wallpapers

Developed by Conundrum André Rabold, Blox Live Wallpaper turns a well-known game into an interactive live wallpaper. The goal is to remove blocks by swiping or tapping in groups of three or more. You can swipe or tap to make more blocks appear, and rotating your phone causes the blocks to fall into different positions. If you get stuck without any groups of three, just shake your phone to restart the game.

3. Blocks Live Wallpaper

Created by Android developer Jug6ernaut, Blocks Live Wallpaper is a tile-matching puzzle game inspired by Tetris. After setting it as your background, the game starts automatically, arranging pieces as it sees fit. Slide your finger horizontally to position the block, tap to adjust its orientation, and swipe to place it. For $0.99, you can upgrade to Blocks Live Wallpaper Pro, which offers more features like customizable colors and images, no ads, and an additional game.

4. Diamond Maze

Using your device’s tilt-assist feature, Diamond Maze by Eelooz lets you navigate a ball through a maze. Collect all the diamonds and guide the ball to the star to advance to the next level.

5. Duck Paper

Reminiscent of Duck Hunt on the NES, Duck Paper by Richard Hyndman lets you tap birds that fly across your screen to score points. Each successful tap earns you a point displayed in the bottom right corner, while birds that escape earn a point in the bottom left corner. If you’re looking for something similar to Duck Hunt, the same developer offers a full game called Shoot the Ducks.


Nostra stands out by offering a wide range of engaging experiences as the first gaming platform fully integrated into your smartphone’s lock screen. Nostra welcomes players of all ages, genders, and interests, and the numbers show that players keep coming back for more. Nostra believes that everyone has a gamer inside them, and the perfect game can be delivered right to their lock screen.


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