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Google Duo video chat app surpasses 1 billion downloads on Play Store



Google Duo

If you’re a fan of Google’s voice calling app ‘Duo,’ you aren’t alone. The app just hit 1 billion downloads on the Play Store.

Duo launched alongside chat app Allo in 2016. However, while Allo is set to be shut down, Duo has gone on to become somewhat popular.

Its growth was also fairly fast. Just six months ago it hit 500 million downloads. In other words, it doubled its users base in the last six months.

Granted, Duo comes preinstalled on several Android devices. That’s not a big surprise, however.

According to Wikipedia’s list of Google Play apps over 1 billion downloads — last updated on December 24th — the majority of apps that reach this milestone come preinstalled.

Regardless, hitting that many downloads is certainly an achievement. If you haven’t tried Duo, it’s quite good for video chatting. You can get it for free from the Play Store.

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