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Mini Laptops For Functionality and Portability



Mini Laptops From Lenovo, Asus, HP & More For Functionality and Portability

Do not want to buy a full-fledged laptop? We have a list of some of the most popular options in mini laptops that you can consider buying online for your personal or business needs. Choose from this list to buy the perfect mini laptop by checking the features and mini laptop price for your needs.


  • Mini laptops are usually convenient for students or for people who need to travel a lot for work
  • Mini laptops are usually found with a screen size of 14 inches or less. So, they are similar in size as compared to most of the large tablets
  • You can even find touchscreen mini laptops to easily pick the best one for your needs

A little more than a tablet and a little less than a full-fledged laptop, a mini laptop – as the name suggests – is an ultraportable version of the laptop. This device is designed mainly to offer wireless communication and access to the internet. These mini laptops from Acer, Lenovo, HP and more are majorly used mostly for web browsing and e-mailing and the target users for these are the people who do not require a lot of computing horsepower.

After a thorough research online we found the below-mentioned mini laptops to be most highly rated and reviewed ones available in India. With mini laptops available from Lenovo, Acer, HP and more, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Take a look:

Popular mini laptops: Price, processors, screen size and key highlights:-

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