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Revealed: Kareena Kapoor’s diet, workout routine during latest photoshoot



Kareena Kapoor’s diet

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who also planned Kareena Kapoor’s diet during her first pregnancy, revealed the diet she was following around the time of the photoshoot

Kareena Kapoor, who is expecting her second child with Saif Ali Khan, recently shot for a magazine at home, wearing her husband’s shirts.

In the pictures, Kareena’s glowing skin and well-toned figure caught everyone’s attention. And it is all thanks to her diet plan and workout regime.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who also planned the Angrezi Medium actor’s diet during her first pregnancy, took to Instagram to reveal the foods she was eating along with her weekly workout routine around the time of the photoshoot. “The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of good food to look good. Sustainable diets keep you sexy and sane,” Diwekar wrote.

Here is the diet Kareena followed:

Meal one – Soaked badam/ banana (9-10ish)

Meal two – Dahi rice and papad OR roti, paneer sabzi and dal (12ish)

Meal three – Small bowl of papaya OR handful of peanuts OR piece of cheese OR some makhana (2-3 ish)

Meal four – Mango milkshake OR bowl of litchi OR some chivda (5-6 ish)

Meal five – Veg pulao and raita OR palak or pudina roti with boondi raita OR dal rice and sabzi (8ish)

Bedtime – Haldi (turmeric) milk with little nutmeg

If hungry- fresh fruit, curd with raisins or cashews, nimbu (lemon) sherbet, nariyal pani (coconut water), chaas (buttermilk) with kala namak (black salt) and hing (asafoetida)

As for her workout plan, here are the exercises that the actor did throughout the week:

Day one (D1) – 20 mins treadmill, focus on speed

D2 – Yoga routine

D3 – Break

D4 – Home strength training workout

D5 – 40 mins on treadmill, focus on staying on steady speed

D6 – Restorative yoga postures or core workout

D7 – Break

How about trying Kareena’s diet and workout plan?

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