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Three “Secret” iPad Tricks Every Apple User Should Know



Three "Secret" iPad Tricks Every Apple User Should Know

If you already have a strong commitment to Apple’s “environment,” there’s a good chance you’re missing out on a few unusual features that will be useful.

Even while Apple has promoted iCloud+ prominently as a component of its Apple One subscription, some of its biggest capabilities are still hidden in your device’s settings. Discover the three traits no one discusses in the following paragraphs.

1) How to scan text into Notes on iPhone/iPad

The days of manually typing any written information are long gone because Apple’s text recognition algorithms can now understand even the most complex written content. This function would be quite helpful for those who prefer to take notes on their gadgets. Using this function:

  • Open your ‘Notes’ app, tap on the camera icon and then click ‘Scan Text’.
  • A new window will open inside the app. Once you are satisfied with your scan, click ‘Insert’.
  • You can now use the scanned text.

2) Using gestures to Copy-Paste

There are four steps involved in manually copying and pasting an image. This may be simplified to only require two steps with a few cunning movements, which will come in handy for those who perform a lot of data entering. To make your life easier, use the following actions:

  • Copy: Pinch closed with three fingers.
  • Cut: Pinch closed with three fingers two times.
  • Paste: Pinch open with three fingers.

3) ‘Hide My Email’ will protect your privacy

Apple takes great satisfaction in ensuring that its users’ privacy is protected, and deservedly so since tools like “Hide My Mail” enable you to do so.
You must be a paying member of Apple One to access iCloud+, thus you must have that service to use this feature. Use this approach if you are often reluctant to provide your personal email ID to third-party apps. To activate it, take these actions:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app, tap on on your Apple ID information and then go to ‘iCloud’.
  • Once inside ‘iCloud’, look for ‘Hide My Email’.
  • Here, you can create a new email address.

Learn these clever tips to make your digital life easier as a member of the Apple ecosystem. All things considered, technology should make life simpler, not more complicated.

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