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Best mutual funds in India right now



best mutual funds in india

Mutual funds are fast becoming the investment choice for many. In fact, mutual fund industry has witnessed an annual growth in SIP (systematic investment plan) contribution of 52 per cent (an increase of Rs 23,269 crore since FY17) in FY18 alone. The SIP contribution by investors is going strong in FY19 with Rs 52,472 crore already invested and still four months left in the fiscal.

For retail investors mutual funds are a great way to invest as they provide benefit of risk diversification, professional management by best fund managers and a variety of options.

On an average, most of the equity fund categories have depreciated investor wealth in the last one year. But in the three year time frame mutual funds have given decent returns. In the five year tenure mutual funds on an average have provided a 16 per cent return.

best mutual funds in india

Here is a list of top 5 mutual funds that have provided the maximum returns across 1 year, 3 year and 5 year tenure in open-ended equity fund category.

1 year tenure

One year is a short time to judge a fund’s performance. In the last one year, technology sector has out-performed due to the appreciation in US dollar against Indian rupee. The top 5 mutual funds that have provided highest return in the last one year in the equity category are:

best mutual funds in india

3 year tenure

Three year is a good enough time to judge a fund’s performance. The below list compiles the funds that have provided superior returns over the three-year time horizon. The top five funds consists of banking and financial services sector, a thematic fund and an overseas fund.

best mutual funds in india

5 year tenure

Five years is a long enough time for a fund to display its potential. In five years a fund would have seen many ups and downs of the financial market. Top funds that have given maximum returns in the five-year holding period are:

best mutual funds in india

(*Data has been sourced from Value Research, data as of date 04/12/2018)

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