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Follow these 5 artists and influencers for a dose of happiness on Mental Health Day



dose of happiness on Mental Health Day
Magic of murals

Neha Nara’s art is magical; with her popular desi-mom character, she portrays the life of an Indian young adult accurately. Her feed is filled with mental health reminders that are bound to make us smile just a little brighter everyday.

Log on to: @naracomics
On: Instagram

Slay the stigma

Kavyal Sedanni is the positive energy you need on your feed every day. Whether it is de-stigmatising mental health or helping you find your purpose, her reels are a great guide to healing and growing. The best news for our readers? She is based in Mumbai and is available for individual sessions through appointments.

Log on to: @kavyalseddani
On: Instagram

Art to the rescue

Sonaksha Iyengar and their art is synonymous with courage and freedom. They have strived to create art that speaks of the mental struggles of the queer and differently-abled community.

Log on to: @sonaksha
On: Instagram

Laughter is the best medicine

Satshya is bound to make you laugh all your worries away with her quirky take towards everyday life. Watching her rant about mundane life problems is enough to make you realise that it is okay to not be okay. She also has a hack for everything, from learning languages to adulting.

Log on to: @satshyaa
On: Instagram

The artivist

Sravyaa Attaluri is an activist whose art has helped the youth tremendously over time. From issues such as dealing with anxiety to the oppression of patriarchy, her illustrations beautifully outline the many facets of the struggles several individuals face and simplify the steps that need to be taken in order to keep moving forward. A keen activist, she is always more than happy to help like-minded individuals to raise more awareness about mental health.

Log on to: @sravyaa
On: Instagram,

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