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Top 10 Documentaries on Bitcoin that you must watch



Documentaries on Bitcoin

Movie documentaries are the enactment of a person’s life who has made a positive impact in the whole world or a negative effect on the entire world. Documentaries provide us information about a persons life with just enough details to make us understand the things that happened.

But when something is trending enough to shake the whole governments and guide thousands of people into a new era of digital usage, you will take the limelight and grab everyone’s attention. This is what happened with Bitcoin. A cryptocurrency that took the whole world in a huge wave and leads to changes in how people trade and how they invest their money.

Bitcoin, over the years, has gained a lot of popularity, and it was about time that people started covering the whole story about it. This lead to many people making documentaries about bitcoin covering everything and anything that they could find on the internet.

Here is a list of top 10 must-watch Bitcoin documentaries:

1. Banking on Bitcoin

This documentary is available on Netflix, which contains interviews with various Bitcoin enthusiasts and experts. The movie has a run time of 1 hour and 23 minutes, and it was released in 2017. Christopher Cannucciari documented it. This documentary has done in-depth research on the bitcoin about its roots, its future in the world, and what technology was used to make this happen.

You can watch the movie here,

2. Life on Bitcoin

Bitcoin holds the most significant market value in the world of cryptocurrencies, and this documentary helps us understand what bitcoin is and tells us about the daily activities that are based on bitcoin. It tells us about how bitcoin can be used in our day to day lives.

It is available on 3 different platforms from where the user can access the movie and watch it. These platforms are:

a. Amazon Video

b. Vidangel

c. YouTube

This movie also appreciates the efforts of its sponsors and the backend supporters who made this project possible.

Watch this movie here,

3. The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

This is the movie that talks all about the beginning of the technology, blockchain world and about the history of bitcoin. It mentions the revolution that bitcoin has caused in the whole world. It is available on iTunes at a certain price, and you can also watch it on and Bitplay supports it.

Along with this, you also have the option of hosting a screening of the movie to a wider audience. You can support the website by donating to their address.

Watch it here,

4. Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

This 1 hour 36 minutes long video on YouTube introduces us to Melbourne, Australia. A place that has the best technology in the world and also the city where bitcoin is accepted almost everywhere.

The video features interviews of various crypto enthusiasts from Melbourne and gives several charts to support the claims and narrations. The narrator explains how, over the years, they saw a sudden increase in the usage of bitcoins within the country.

Watch the documentary here,

5. I am Satoshi

Ulterior States(another name for this video) is a documentary that was uploaded on YouTube. It is a 53 minutes long documentary that was allegedly created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The video is said to be produced by Satoshi Productions and filmed by Tommy Kantor.

This video was produced as a self-funded project which was used as a final project by the produced for his college.

Watch the video here,

6. The Inside Man Bitcoin [CNN Full Documentary]

One of the top documentaries related to bitcoin, this documentary was displayed on In this video, we get to see the history, mystery, and future of bitcoin in the world.

The video consists of two speakers talking about bitcoin and how it has changed the financial system of the US and the world in general. People often get skeptical about bitcoin as it is a digital currency and not a fiat currency which you can hold in your hand.

Watch the video here,

7. Bitcoin – Shape the Future

YouTube has a number of videos when it comes to any topic that you wish to research on. Another such topic is Bitcoin, and here is another video that focuses on that. Published by Bitkan on 20th September 2017, this is a 45 minutes long video that talks about how bitcoin has changed the way things were happening and what future it holds in the world.

This video is short but to the point and helps the person in understanding the whole concept of bitcoin and how it can be used as an alternative for investments and other things.

Watch it here,

8. Why do Banks Fear Bitcoin?

We have seen a lot of criticism by the government as well as many people when it comes to usage of bitcoin. This documentary helps in understanding the whole problem. Even though this video is just 16 minutes long, it still helps us understand what the fight is between the centralized banks and bitcoin. VisionVictory uploaded this video in 2013.

Bankers believe that the introduction of bitcoin will lead to the end of their careers in the banking sectors, and this is a major problem all over the world.

Watch it here,

9. Deep Web The Movie

This is a website as well as a movie that talks about the currencies, mainly focusing on fiat and cryptocurrencies. It is also available on iTunes at a very reasonable price for the person to watch from. This explains the significant issues that are faced by the users and also tells us about the dark world of the deep web and what role bitcoin plays in it.

Watch it here,

10. Bitcoins in Argentina

As the title of the video understands it, this is a documentary on YouTube that tells us about the things that happen in Argentina and about the usage of bitcoin there. This video was released in 2013.

This video tells us about the high inflation and strict monetary raging across Argentina, which considers bitcoin the best alternative that can take over the currencies globally. In this video, they come across several people in the market who either wanted to trade bitcoin for Argentina Peso or to discuss how to fight the inflation.

Watch it here,

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