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Top 5 Health and Fitness Apps for Android Users



Health and Fitness AppsIn today’s time staying fit and healthy is of great importance. And for the same, one thinks of joining a fitness club, going to yoga classes, registering in a gym, and doing a lot of other things. But since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, visiting a gym or a fitness center is extremely risky. Hence, you can download a health and fitness app on your smartphone and keep a track of your activities.Below is the list of popular health and fitness apps that you can download on your Android phone.

Google Fit

Created by Google, Google Fit is a commendable workout tracker app. The app marks users’ speed, height, route, walking, running, and other activities. In addition to this, the app keeps the data of the number of steps taken and calories burned. Download App

Daily Yoga

Those who do regular yoga can download this app and get daily tips and variations. Moreover, the app provides instructions with tips and timers for tracking the exercise session. And not only this, the app comprises a voice clip that makes the user focus. Download App

JEFIT Workout Tracker

It is not just a fitness tracker app but also a gym trainer. Users get a free fitness plan that helps in staying active. Also, the app comprises 1300 detailed exercises. Download App


The app helps you in reaching your health and fitness goals. HealthifyMe facilitates a workout tracker, weight loss tracker, water tracker, food tracker, sleep tracker, and handwash tracker. Apart from this, users also get access to no-equipment home workout videos that include full-body workouts and yoga workouts. Download App

Calorie Counter MyFitness Pal

It is one of the best fitness apps that helps you in losing weight and also guides you what to eat and what not to eat. The app comprises a database of more than 6 million food products. In addition to this, it has several other features such as food insights, restaurant logging, recipe importer, calorie counter, and more. Download App

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