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WhatsApp’s next big feature will help you easily verify fake news



verify fake news

WhatsApp is working on a feature that aims to help users verify forwarded messages.

Fake news, misinformation and rumours often loom large on social media, spreading panic among people. The circulation of wrong information has spiked with the increase in coronavirus cases.

To ensure that misinformation does not lead to mass hysteria, WhatsApp is working on a new feature which will enable users to verify and cross-check forward messages.

The upcoming feature will allow you to search for ‘Frequently Forwarded Messages’.

When a user forwards a message to another more than five times, it is indicated with a double arrow icon on the app. Since you are not aware of the original sender, it is right to double-check the content of the message.

WhatsApp labels messages that have been frequently forwarded to a number of users on top of the text. This is just to sound a caution that the message may not be authentic since it has been forwarded multiple times.

How will this WhatsApp feature work

Once the feature is introduced, the moment you receive a message that has been forwarded, you will see a magnifying glass icon right next to it.

On tapping the icon, WhatsApp will ask if you would like to search and authenticate the information on the internet.

If you permit WhatsApp to search, the message will be uploaded and searched on Google. The feature will also have an option by which you can cancel the search.

Currently, the feature is being tested by WhatsApp and the plan is to introduce it soon for the users.

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